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Man-made, highly-toxic chemical drugs known as Spice, K2, Marley, Cloud 9, Fake Pot, Scooby Snax, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rock (and more) cause horrific physical effects, including death. These drugs are easily purchased by tweens, teens, and adults. Shockingly, they are still legal in most parts of the country.

  • Each day, tweens, teens and adults are dying and being critically injured by readily-available, chemically-laced drugs like those sold as Spice, K2, Cloud 9, Scooby Snax, Fake Weed, and many other deceptive names.
  • These drugs are easily accessed by tweens and teens and are sold at some convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops, online, and on the street. They are often sold over-the-counter, sometimes labeled as “incense” or “potpourri.”

  • Synthetic drugs come in multiple forms, including herbs sprayed with toxic chemicals and toxic liquids that can be ingested through vaporizer pens (“vapes”) or pipes. No one, except the manufacturers, knows what is really in these drugs, or the level of toxic chemicals they contain at any time.
  • Unregulated and unpredictable synthetic drugs cause horrific physical and mental effects, including seizures, psychotic episodes, long-term psychosis, paralysis, kidney failure, increased heart rate and heart attacks, brain swelling, and death.
  • Many of these drugs reportedly come from other regions of the world like China or the Middle East, or are manufactured in makeshift domestic labs.
  • The drug packets, often colorful and harmless looking, are labeled “not for human consumption” to thwart laws against ingesting the toxic chemicals they contain – but the sellers of these drugs, as well as potential users, know the intended purpose of human use.
  • News reports from all over the country, in fact the world, tell of the increasing, devastating impacts of this drug: from teens and adults being hospitalized and institutionalized, to lives being destroyed and ended.
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reportedly do not yet require health facilities to report medical or mental health incidents that could be related to these drugs, so the drug’s widespread impact is not known – except to victims, and their families and loved ones.
  • A reported 17 percent of teens have tried synthetic drugs known as Spice, K2, Scooby Snax, Fake Weed, Marley and many other names.
  • One out of nine high school seniors have reportedly used toxic, synthetic drugs.
  • Synthetic drugs do not show up on standard drug tests. People subject to regular drug testing include the military, and many public safety workers, some health care professionals, transportation workers, athletes, and people in drug rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Many states and the federal government have tried to outlaw these drugs, but the makers change their formula to get around new laws, and more and more illicit, makeshift drug labs are creating them for street sales.
  • In many places around the country, it is not illegal to sell or consume these drugs.
  • California has been referred to as a “Sanctuary State” because of its lax approach to criminalizing the manufacture and sale of this deadly drug.

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