Take Action

We will be undertaking a number of activities in the coming weeks and months to raise awareness about and ultimately STOP synthetic drugs from injuring and killing our kids. 

FIVE SIMPLE STEPS you can take TODAY will begin to help stop the use and spread of these deadly synthetic drugs:

1) SHOW & TELL: Talk to your kids about the dangers of synthetic drugs. Show them the stories and news interviews to demonstrate that kids from all backgrounds are being hurt and killed upon consuming “Spice”.  Users never know the level of toxins they will get in any one packet of these drugs. Just one hit can be deadly.

2) CONTACT ELECTED OFFICIALS: Contact your city council person and county supervisor and ask them if they have an ordinance banning the sale of synthetic drugs, often labeled as “not for human consumption,” sold at smoke shops and some convenience stores. And share the facts about synthetic drugs with them.

3) CONTACT SCHOOL OFFICIALS: Contact your local school district and ask if they include synthetic drugs like “spice” in school drug education programs. Please stress that these drugs are being marketed to children as young as 9 and 10 years old; so no age to too young for children to learn about the dangers of these deadly drugs. And share the facts about synthetic drugs with them.

4) STAY INFORMED:  Stay informed by following this website.

5) SHARE YOUR STORY: Let us know about local efforts in your area to stop synthetic drugs so we can join efforts. Working together we can stop the scourge of “spice,” protect our youth, and save lives! Share your story about how synthetic drugs have impacted your life on our Facebook page.

Also, please be sure to SHARE the link to this website, our Facebook page and Twitter feed with family, friends, school and elected officials so they can learn more about these deadly drugs.

TOGETHER we will make a difference!

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