Your Stories

Following are excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of stories we have received about how people in the U.S., and in countries around the world, have been impacted by the devastating effects of synthetic drugs. These are the stories we need to tell our kids, elected officials, schools, and law enforcement so we can raise awareness and help stop the spread of deadly synthetic drugs. 

  • “I was introduced to K2 Spice via my son and his best friend both overdosing in my driveway… Both with one hit.”
  • “My [family member on synthetic drugs] had a seizure causing a traumatic head injury resulting in hospitalization and drug induced coma.”
  • “I’m a psychotherapist in private practice and have had several clients (adults and adolescents) talk about how easy it is to get these drugs.”
  • “Someone on spice was driving thru the intersection of [our town] going 100mph; she hit and killed 2 people who were on their way to work.”
  • “[My daughter] smoked spice and had a seizure. She attended a [school] that required mandatory, random drug testing [and] many of the kids at this school smoked spice to get high instead of pot, since it was undetectable and thus considered “low risk’ for them.”
  • “My family has a member on it and pray everyday we can help him are stop him but it’s to easy for him to get.”
  • “[I am an] ER nurse. Nurse x 20 years. I have seen the damage firsthand, time and time again. Heartbreaking…unreal that spice is legal.”
  • “My [family member] was in the hospital for spice and purchased it right around the corner from my house. This drug is terrible. He has had seizures and bit his tongue off…”¬†
  • “My son smoked k2 with an adult whom offered him the drug. I ended up in the ER with him that night because he was feeling as though his heart was going to explode.”
  • “I know [two people] currently smoking spice. They are on probation, and use it because it is legal to buy. [One] has lost his job already because he is unable to even think straight when he uses it. We found him one night in an alley, passed out in the freezing cold. He began to babble nonsense about zombies and aliens when we woke him. [The other person] who used it began becoming ill so quickly that his organs were starting to shut down by the time his mother got him to the hospital.”

  • “My daughter over dosed on spice one year ago this month. She was in ICU for four days in four point restraints after having three grand mal seizures and countless mini ones.”

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